Eligibility Rules



MUST WEAR: Official VALSPAR logoed head wear each round that includes all 4 logos (Official VALSPAR logo on front and back of hat, PGA TOUR logo on the side, and the Chameleon logo on the other side).  The hat must be one of the official branded hats provided from the TOUR. Hats that were produced by the caddies themselves will no longer be eligible.

If, after wearing a VALSPAR hat during the first round, a caddie wears a hat other than the VALSPAR hat, the caddie will be immediately disqualified from the Caddie Incentive Plan and will forfeit all previously earned points. 

Reminder: Hats that were produced by the caddies themselves will no longer be eligible. The Valspar hat must be one provided by the TOUR.

2020-2021 SEASON: Safeway Open through the TOUR Championship. Caddies must wear VALSPAR-logoed head wear in a minimum of 5 events in 2020-2021 to be eligible for the plan.

*For the 2021 Wells Fargo Championship, points will be awarded for wearing custom Lowe’s hats only. Lowe’s hats will be provided for the tournament week. Valspar hats will not earn points.*

POINT SYSTEM: 1 point per round, plus 2 bonus points per round for round 3 & 4 if player is within top 20 (+ ties) at start of round (8 total points possible per 4 day event). Half a point (0.5) will be given per round if a caddie wears a bucket hat or a colorful hat of the following colors: red, green, blue (excluding navy), purple, yellow or orange. No extra points will be given if a caddie wears a hat of the following colors: black, white, grey, tan or navy.

WIN / TOP TEN BONUS: Based on the final tournament results, an additional 10 points will be awarded for a win and those finishing 2nd - 10th (+ties) will receive an additional 5 points.          

POINT VALUE: Determined at end of the season by dividing points earned by all caddies by total pool.

TOTAL POOL: $500,000                                                        

PAYOUT DATE: Approximately October 30, 2021