Rules of Golf


The transition to the 2020 Rules of Golf code has been relatively smooth for all players and caddies on the PGA TOUR. As you continue to adapt to the new procedures, listed below are some simple Rules reminders that will help you avoid penalties during competition. As always, please seek a member of the PGA TOUR Rules Committee for assistance or clarification.

· When a player begins to take a stance for the stroke, the caddie must NOT deliberately stand on or close to an extension of the line of play behind the ball, for any reason.

· When taking “Back-on-the-Line” relief from a penalty area or from an unplayable ball, it is recommended to identify your reference point on the line by using a tee or ball- marker. Remember, once dropped, the ball cannot roll forward of your reference point.

· When measuring your “Relief Area”, whether for free relief or for penalty relief, it is recommended to always measure with your driver. Remember, the definition of a club-length is the length of your longest club other than a putter, so measuring with a shorter club cannot help you.

· When dropping in a “Relief Area”, the ball must be dropped from knee height and must first strike the ground in the relief area and must come to rest in the relief area. The same applies to using a Drop Zone.

· Once your ball is marked and lifted on the putting green, you own that spot. Therefore, if the ball is replaced and it thereafter moves for any reason, it must always be replaced on the spot; generally, with no penalty.

· If your ball in play is moved by anyone, it will always be replaced, it will never be dropped. If the spot is not known, it will be estimated, and the ball replaced on that estimated spot.

· In bunkers loose impediments may now be moved, so long as the ball does not move. Clumps of sand are not loose impediments. These clumps are sand in the bunker, which may not be moved if they improve the conditions affecting the stroke.

· Search time is 3 minutes and this time begins when you or your caddie starts to search.

· If using Greens Reading Materials to read the line of play for any stroke on the putting green or for a stroke made with a putter from anywhere when the ball will come to rest on the putting green, your materials must meet the scale limit (3/8 inch to 5 yard grid) and the book must meet the size limit (7 inches x 4.25 inches).

· If you have physical interference from a TIO you always have the option treat the TIO as an immovable obstruction, just like any other immovable obstruction on the course.

Click HERE to see the updated Rules Video.

Recently, a number of players have commented on the lack of consistency related to divot repair and bunker maintenance. It is the responsibility of every caddie to ensure that all divots are repaired appropriately, that any debris created by a shot is properly cleaned and that all bunkers are maintained in a manner commensurate with a PGA TOUR event. For your reference, a guide to replacing divots and raking bunkers that was originally produced in 2010 - click here to review the document. We greatly appreciate your continued attention to these important elements of PGA TOUR competition.

- The PGA TOUR will implement a new Integrity Program effective January 1, 2018, to protect its competitions from potential outside influences related to gambling. Caddies shall not engage in any conduct that is prohibited under the PGA TOUR Integrity Program. Please see the attachment for more information.

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