PGA TOUR Integrity

The PGA TOUR will implement a new Integrity Program effective January 1, 2018, to protect its competitions from potential outside influences related to gambling.

The Mission of the Integrity Program is as follows:
“To maintain integrity and prevent and mitigate betting-related corruption in PGA TOUR competitions – ensuring competitions always reflect, and appear to reflect, the best efforts of the players, while protecting the welfare of the players and others involved with the PGA TOUR – through clear policies and regulations, ongoing education and training, and effective and consistent monitoring and enforcement functions.”

The governing terms and conditions of the Integrity Program are set forth in the PGA TOUR Integrity Program Manual (see attached). Caddies shall not engage in any conduct that is prohibited under the PGA TOUR Integrity Program.

You may contact Andy Levinson or Renee Tomb for more information on the Program:

Andy Levinson
PGATOUR Integrity Officer

Office: (904) 285-3700

Renee Tomb
Director, Policy Administration
Phone: (904) 543-7425